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Technology San Luis Obispo

Advanced technology for your convenience

Advances in dental technology allow our San Luis Obispo, California team to provide an experience that is comfortable and convenient. Here are some of the most impressive advances in dentistry available at Dr. Colleran’s office:

Digital X-Rays

Gone are the days of darkrooms and bulky x-ray equipment.  Our x-rays are quick, safe, and convenient. The images are ready in moments and can be viewed alongside the doctor during your appointment.

LAVA Chair Side Oral Scanner

The LAVA chair side oral scanner allows Dr. Colleran to create precise digital impressions so he can ensure perfect-fitting restorations. He can place implants, bridges, and bars with amazing precision.

CEREC Same Day Dentistry

CERECWith the CEREC CAD/CAM System, Dr. Colleran can produce lab-quality restorations in hours instead of days. With remarkable speed and accuracy, intuitive design software, on-site milling, and no impressions or powders, patients are amazed at how quickly their restorations can be made and placed. The result is a vastly improved restorative process that provides a comfortable and convenient restorative experience.

3D Imaging

3D images help Dr. Colleran better treat his patients. The comprehensive images give him more precision when placing implants and provide detailed anatomic views when assessing for jaw abnormalities. The 3D images also help Dr. Colleran explain procedures to his patients.

In-Office Financing

We know it can be difficult to keep up with everyday financial obligations, let alone dental costs. However, your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. That is why we offer in-office financing options. No one should have to choose between their other responsibilities and their health. If you are concerned about the cost of treatment, please let us know.

Dr. Colleran offers cutting edge equipment and services to make sure his patients have the best care available. If you are interested in any of our services, please give us a call at (805) 543-0814 or schedule an appointment online.

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